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Live Telephone Answering Service


Professional Live Receptionists. AnswerUSA live services provide your business with friendly, professional receptionists who answer calls as though they are sitting right in the lobby of your business. Impress your callers with our confident, helpful, highly-trained and knowledgeable personnel who augment your own staff perfectly. Calls can be immediately routed to you, a colleague, a member of your on-call team, or preserved, word-for-word, as a message sent instantly to you via text or email.

24 x 7 Availability. As your business partner, AnswerUSA staffs the phones while you reclaim some family and leisure time outside the 9 to 5 grind. There is no need for you to miss out on business calls, potential leads, and revenue opportunities just to get away after hours. AnswerUSA helps you reclaim some balance in your professional and personal life by providing reliable and trustworthy solutions that address your specific needs. We will always be there for you day and night, during and outside your normal business hours.

Track Record & Expertise. AnswerUSA has been a leader in telephone answering service since 1997. We have continually enhanced and improved our solutions with new service offerings and capabilities that have evolved from our decades of real world experience and industry leadership. Our continual quality training, optimal performance, and attention to every detail of your business response needs sets us apart from the others as your answering partner.

Custom Solution. Your business is uniquely yours, so should your answering service be. This is not a shrink-wrapped, one-size-fits all, cookie cutter solution, but rather a totally custom systematic approach that meets the needs of each and every unique customer.

Based in the USA. We call Las Vegas, Nevada home; all of our operators are based in the United States. We never out-source your business. We do not have any work-from-home operators. Our equipment and systems are backed up hourly with redundancy sites strategically placed throughout North America.

Affordable Pricing. We will provide you with the most cost-effectice and feature-rich professional telephone answering service anywhere in North America. We will customize a service plan and minimize pricing to meet your unique needs. Please get a quote for an AnswerUSA solution.

AnswerUSA – Can you afford to miss that call?

Answering Services for Medical Professionals

Answering calls during business hours. When all of your lines are busy, AnswerUSA steps in to answer the calls for you. By augmenting your personnel, our highly-trained live receptionists, prioritize and relay word-for-word messages to your office immediately, enhancing your practice so that it can run more effectively and smoothly. Never miss a patient’s call again.

Answering calls after business hours. When you are not in the office, AnswerUSA is! As your reception partner, we are always there to help your patients with their requests. Whether it's leaving a message, emergency physician contact, or a prescription refill, AnswerUSA is there day or night.

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliance. Our professional Live Receptionists are highly-trained, monitored, and supported as part of our continuous process improvement initiative. Our U.S. medical answering services surpass HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Likewise, our Canadian medical answering services go beyond the guidelines provided by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

A Solution Specific to Your Practice. As leaders in the industry, we offer uncompromising customization, not available from any other provider. AnswerUSA services are professional, yet personalized to the needs of your practice. Our professional live receptionists are trained to handle all calls in the way you prescribe, with on-screen reminders and instructions that ensure consistent, immediate, and accurate messaging.

Affordable Pricing. AnswerUSA will design a custom service option at the lowest possible price to meet your unique needs. Please take a moment to get a quote specific to your needs.

Answering Services for Apartments, Condos and Realtors

Answering calls during business hours. As a busy property manager or real estate professional, you cannot always be in the office next to your phone, but AnswerUSA can. We will ensure that your phone is always answered. Whether your caller is a potential new tenant, a motivated seller, an eager buyer, or an existing resident with an issue to be addressed immediately, we are there as your professional and friendly Live Reception team. By having all of your calls expertly answered, prioritized and relayed to your office immediately, your practice can run effectively and smoothly.

Answering calls after business hours. Day or night, AnswerUSA is always there to help your existing customers, and potential new customers with their requests. Our Live receptionists will take and forward messages, escalate emergency maintenance requests, or provide timely information relating to your properties. AnswerUSA is always there 24-hours a day, 7-dasy a week, every day of the year.

Call Volumes. Whether you are a busy property management practice juggling dozens of rentals, leases, and customers, a real estate office where time and your availability makes sales, or any other service that needs immediate and always-on answering, AnswerUSA can handle your calls in any volume with complete scalability to expand as your business grows. Don’t let phone answering be the bottle-neck to your success – AnswerUSA has your solution.

Affordable Pricing. We can design a solution that not only addresses your unique needs, but does so at the lowest possible price. Please get a quote to learn how we can help.

Live Appointment Scheduling

Virtual Assistant. Having a friendly, professional, efficient live receptionist available 24/7 to schedule your appointments is a great way to stay organized in your business. Allow AnswerUSA's professional personnel to assist you in the organization and scheduling of all the appointments for your company.

Appointment Accuracy. Our state-of-the-art management system, prevents any double-booking or overlapping appointments, which prevents confusion for you and your customers. We are experts at organization, logistics, and scheduling, and our highly-trained Live Receptionists handle all of your appointment needs with accuracy, efficiency, speed, and care.

Affordable Pricing. A scheduling system must meet your specific needs. A cookie-cutter approach will not do that. AnswerUSA can design a solution for you that addresses all of your requirements while keeping costs low. Please get a quote to see how we can help.


Live Order Processing Service

Live Receptionist. Imagine being able to take orders 7-days a week, 24-hours a day, offering your customers the capability to speak to a professional and highly-trained Live Receptionist with real-time product information. As your business partner, AnswerUSA provides virtual staff augmentation that gives the impression our personnel are sitting right in your own office day and night. We not only take orders, but help to optimize and streamline your workflow, by efficiently taking and processing every order and sales call you might otherwise miss. We do all of this while also ensuring that your customers enjoy an unparalleled level of personal and friendly customer service.

Online Orders. At any time that your customers experience difficulty placing an order through your online website, an AnswerUSA Live receptionist can step-in to provide personalized one-on-one assistance. We will not only take and manage the order, but ensure that your customer is greeted with a friendly and professional member of the team, eliminating frustration and the loss of prospective sales.

Affordable Pricing. Learn how we can help optimize your online order process by taking a moment to get a quote from AnswerUSA.



Live answering service

At AnswerUSA we understand that your business is not like anyone else’s, your call management system should not be either. No two AnswerUSA systems are the same – each is custom designed to meet the unique needs of our individual customers. Here are some of the features of our live reception answering service.

Call Prioritization

Based on your own business model, business rules, and forwarding instructions.

Error-Free Transcription

All messages arrive intact, exactly as your customers, patients, clients, partners, or associates have left them.

Complete Government Compliance

For industries that are subject to oversight regulations (including: HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOX, and GLBA )

Multi-lingual Service

To ensure a seamless experience for your customers who speak Spanish, French, or other languages

Lead Capture

Capabilities are enhanced with the AnswerUSA approach that can be integrated with almost all CRM systems and contact databases.

Appointment Setting

Services ensure customers are scheduled in slots that are convenient for you and for them.

Accuracy and Reliability

Rates are 100% with AnswerUSA solutions. Our always-present systems are completely secure, constantly backed up, and available 24 x 7.

High Volume

Is never an issue with AnswerUSA. Our solutions are infinitely configurable and scalable to grow as your needs evolve.

Order Taking

Is a snap with AnswerUSA solutions that are aimed at increasing your conversions and improving your bottom line.

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